Villa de Leyva Part 1: Where to Stay

From Bogota, Villa de Leyva is only a 3-hour drive. The drive takes you through the country with beautiful views of the mountains.

We opted to take private transportation rather than the flota, also known as a tour bus. We booked private transport after a friend told us that the flota basically drove like the car in Men in Black, at warp speed.

Ford POS
“Unlimited technology from the whole universe, and we cruise ’round in a Ford P.O.S.”

Neither of us were really up for getting sick, or dying, on our way to a beautiful destination. For many of our upcoming trips, we will take a flota. It is a cheaper option, but Johanna spoiled me a bit for this trip as a birthday gift.

If we could, we would stop traveling now, buy a house in Villa de Leyva, and run a bed and breakfast. Since we don’t have that kind of scratch, we opted to stay with someone who did. We stayed in the Casona San Nicholas.

San Nicholas

If you want to stay in the heart of the city square, this place is not for you. You may want to stay in one of the many hostels and hotels that line the streets. San Nicholas is about 4km out from historic Villa de Leyva, tucked away at the foot of the Andes mountains.

Flowers in all hues of red, yellow and purple, speckled the lush green terrain, while burnt orange terra-cotta roofs framed the view.

Some reviews said, if you stay far from the city square, transportation is hard to come by. We never had a problem. When our accommodating host, Maria Juliana, wasn’t available to drive us, she set us up with someone who could.

Relax in Hammock
Tired from your all day excursion? Take a nap in the hammock.
Soccer with Rigo
Waiting for your travel partner to get ready? Play soccer with Rigo!

A delicious breakfast was included, large enough to satisfy the most voracious of appetites.

Caldo de papa, arepas, eggs, fruit, fresh squeezed juice, and your choice of coffee or hot chocolate.

You could eat in the open air dining room where soft jazz music played or have their wonderful cook, Diana, bring breakfast to your room.

The rooms were bright, with large windows and double doors that opened to beautiful scenery. If you wanted to sleep in, all the windows were equipped with black out blinds. The rooms had televisions, especially for those that can’t sleep without some background noise. For a romantic night in, ask Maria for a room with a fireplace.

If you want a quite, relaxing getaway in Villa de Leyva, look no further than Casona San Nicholas.

Stay tuned for, Villa de Leyva Part 2: Mud Houses and Cobblestone Roads.


9 thoughts on “Villa de Leyva Part 1: Where to Stay

    1. Anonymous says:

      We didn’t make it to the Ostrich farm, but we saw some pretty great places. I will have all the highlights up tomorrow.


  1. Mickey Tamer says:

    What a great way to get acquainted with Columbia. Although not nearly as great as going there. I love your concise but vivid descriptions . Maybe sometime I can experience it first hand .

    Liked by 1 person

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