Bucaramanga: What’s in a name?

Growing up my mom used made up words fairly often. Sometimes when I look back, I’m amazed that I can put coherent english sentences together. Sometimes she would call me her little FacciaBadu. I suppose this word celebrated her Italian heritage, and the career of Erykah Badu. For the record, my mom has probably never heard of Erykah Badu. Some of the words she used weren’t made up at all, but we didn’t know that at the time. For instance, one of her terms of endearment for my sister was, Kublai Khan. Sometimes she would switch it up and call her a Khan Kublai. Later we learned that Kublai Khan was the name of one of the rulers of the Mongol Empire. My sister is the first born, I suppose she counts as royalty.

Kablai Khan
I can see the resemblance Jessie, you guys do have the same mustache. 

Sometimes my mom would call me a little chickamanga. I have no idea what a chickamanga is, and neither does my mom. We never cared what the words meant, we just liked how they sounded. Through the years I have caught myself using some of the same made up words. Sometimes I even make up my own. Our family psychosis runs deep.


I love my mom, and I am so happy she passed down this family lexicon. Without it, I may not have had any interest in coming to Bucaramanga.

Shel Silverstein
Anything, even words like boo-da-da-mu-da-da.

When Johanna asked if I wanted to go to Bucaramanga, I said yes immediately. Ever since I heard the name, I haven’t been able to keep myself from saying it at least once a week. Bucaramanga is not just a fun name to say, but a fun place to stay. If you are into extreme sports like rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and paragliding, head to Bucaramanga. You will find these and many other extreme sports at Chicamocha Park. Another fun name to say. Bucaramanga is known as The City of Parks. Bucaramanga has over 160 parks scattered throughout the city. The city also boasts multiple universities, which means young people and good night life. There are discotheques everywhere in Zona Rosa, great for night life, not so much for sleeping.

Yesterday we went on a tour of the city, and made a stop at Ecoparque Cerro del Santísimo. The cable car ride to the top of the mountain offers beautiful panoramic views. At the top their is a statue of a solemn man, a protector, who looks over the city and keeps the peace. I would recommend this over Cali’s Christo Rey because they offer much more. Around 6:15pm, there is a light show, think Fantasia live. It isn’t long but it is worth watching.

Today we are heading to Chicamocha park to go paragliding. I will probably wet myself, and I will definitely scream like a girl. Video coming soon. Thank you mom for giving us such a fun childhood. You imbued us with a rich imagination, and an adventurous spirit. Thanks for always keeping it weird, I love you.

4 thoughts on “Bucaramanga: What’s in a name?

  1. Pam Lynch says:

    We are fans of your mother’s DeeDeeisms as well and love her dearly. Bucaramanga was named by her ancestors, btw. It’s true. Look it up. Keep it coming! So far the only place I wouldn’t want to visit is in the back of that cab you took! Love you guys😜


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