Wedding Day

Today is my parent’s 38th wedding anniversary, and today’s blog post is just a quick homage to them. Earlier today my sister said, “You have taught us about unconditional love and respect through the best and worst of times. You both are so positive and complain so little. You know how to have a good time and don’t take life too seriously! I love that you still love spending time together everyday and enjoy the “little things” in life!” The only thing that I would add to this is that we were lucky to grow up watching you both as our example. We saw a couple that would do anything for each other. You always worked as a team, and you were never afraid or embarrassed to express your love for one another. You have shown us that no matter how many years may pass, when you find true love, happiness fills all the days of your life.

As many of you already know, my father and I recently published a book of poems, Fleeting Moments.

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The below poem was written by my father for my mother. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary. As the Beatles said “all you need is love”.

Wedding Day

Standing at the altar

A lump rising in my throat

I watch you walk down the aisle

My hands search for something to do

My lips

Curl up in a smile

Love isn’t much

Left alone in the dark

Where it wilts and dies

And I wasn’t much

Until you came along

With love’s light

In your eyes

Now you’re beside me

As I recall my life

Before you came in

It was carnivals

Merry Go rounds

And games nobody wins

How could I have

So many friends

Always crowding my home

Yet lack

The special touch

That kept me

From being alone

Slipping a gold band

On your ring finger

I know our love

Won’t end

I could be happy

The rest of my life

With you as my only friend

We’ll never play

Carnival games

Where love is a game

Of pretend

We’ll never be alone

In a room full of friends

Now we pledge forever

We’ll be together

Whatever may come

Through joy and sorrow

We’ll face tomorrow

As one

No my love wasn’t much

Until it bathed in your sunshine

And started to grow

Whatever we do

It will be me and you

Until our hair

Is whiter than snow

10 thoughts on “Wedding Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said. I Love following along on this adventure. You make me feel as if I’m right with you guys. So true about your parent also. Happy Anniversary to them. You two stay safe.
    Love; Calvin

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ruth says:

    Really enjoyed your message to your parents on their Anniversary. How are you doing these days.Do miss seeing you at BG. Congrats on your new book. Would still like you to read ours.


    1. ztamer13 says:

      Everything is going great. Miss everyone at BG as well. I will be in touch when we get back to the states and read the book! Hope you are doing well. Talk with you soon


  3. Jason says:

    Sorry for the late post… That poem is beautiful, straightened, and expressive.
    Watching your parents as I grew up (from a slightly greater than you), I couldn’t agree with your sentiments more.

    Liked by 1 person

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