Bogotá: A Home Away From Home

The other day I realized, I have been writing this blog for about three months and I don’t have a single blog dedicated to Bogotá. I have written about Monserrate, but Bogotá is so much more than just this one tourist attraction. Bogotá has been our home base, our home away from home these past three months, and in that time I have fallen in love with this city. Bogotá will always hold a special place in my heart. Four years ago I proposed to Johanna in Bogotá, and now whenever we come here those memories flood my senses.

Propasl Botero Museum
She started crying when she realized she accidentally said yes.


Proposal Botero 2
I recently gave her a do-over.

I proposed to Johanna at the Botero Museum in La Candeleria. I chose La Candeleria because of it’s beautiful Spanish Colonial, Baroque, and art deco architectural styles. Johanna’s grandfather grew up in this area, so we have had a great tour guide. Candeleria is small but it is a beautiful place to go for a walk. Check out the churches, visit the Botero Museum, the Luis Angel Arango Library, and stop at La Puerta Falsa for a bite to eat. The church down the street was built with many false doors as a way to mislead potential invaders, which is part of the reason the eatery received the name The False Door. A lesser known reason, relayed to us by one of the owners, is because of the small false door in the eatery where they used to sneak food to priests who were supposed to be fasting. La Candeleria is full of political history as well, make sure your tour guide tells you about the Flower Vase Incident.

El Centro, just a short walk away, is full of life. There are stand up comedians, musicians, artists,“>skateboarders, museums, churches and many other street performers. Walk around Plaza de Bolívar, the city center, and take some pictures. Beware people will ask you for money at every turn. You may have seen the plaza on Netflix’s Narco’s where Pablo Escobar blew up one of the government buildings.

That’s a big organ! That’s what she said.


Parque 93 is a great place for a picnic during the day, and live music at night. This area is a bit more expensive but if you know where to go you don’t need to overpay. Go to Galería Café y Libro for happy hour and“>live music. La Zona T in El Norte is another great area for nightlife. Hit Retro for a fun night of dancing to 80’s latin music as well as 80’s American rock. When you are ready to work off all the food and drinks you have been consuming through the week join the city for the Ciclovía. Every Sunday some main roads are closed, and the bus lane is closed. People get out and ride their bikes, walk, go for runs or just enjoy the sunshine while having some street food. Yes this city has it’s problems, like any big city. There is pollution, litter, homelessness, political corruption, and crime, but these things do not define Bogotá. Like New York City, Bogotá is filled with people who are passionate about their city, people who want you to love their city as much as they do. Each day, wrapped in this cities passionate embrace, it feels more and more like home.

4 thoughts on “Bogotá: A Home Away From Home

  1. Doney says:

    Gracias Zach por hablar tan lindo de mi Tierra bella 😘😆
    En verdad es un país que esta lleno de muchas cosas hermosas y que vale la pena conocer.
    Que Viva COLOMBIA!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Pleasantvida says:

    This is such a nice post, I enjoyed it but most of all appreciated the way in which you portrayed Bogotá. I miss it so much.

    Colombia 💛💛💙❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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