Cheap Eats in Minuto de Dios

I am going to miss a lot of things about Colombia when we go home, but one of the things I will miss the most is the food. As I am writing this I am eating from a mixed bag of breads from the bakery on the corner. No matter where you are in Colombia you can count on having a few great bakeries nearby. Pistoria, a delicious bakery right down the street, serves a huge selection of breads, many of which I have never seen or heard of before coming to Colombia. One of my favorites is pan de yuca. Pan de yuca is bread made with yuca, filled with a gooey cheese that tastes even better dunked in a cup of coffee. The bakeries make pizzas, calzones, breads filled with cheese and jam, breads filled with meats, and any other combination you can imagine. I have tried almost all of them, I may need a wheelbarrow to get me back home.

Right next to the bakery is a great place for late night eats, or anytime you want a great hotdog. Sabro Chopin serves hotdogs with the works. I like mine with crushed potato chips, small hen eggs, onions, cheese, pineapple sauce and ketchup. You can add more or less and the they are only about a $1. Make sure you have a bed near by, you will want a nap after you crush this healthy treat.

On the same street there is a great restaurant that only serves lunch. Specias has a limited menu, only offering their specials for the day, but they vary and are always delicious. You get a soup, salad, a meat, vegetables, a starch, and a drink for about $3.

Johanna’s favorite place is Empanadas de La Cima. This place has some of the best empanadas I have ever had. We usually get a few traditional empanadas with chicken or beef, but we throw a few other variations in the mix as well. The Ranchero has ham, pieces of hotdog and melted cheese that pulls form the empanada in strings with each bite. The Hawaiian is exactly what you would think, cheese, pineapple and ham. They also serve some with all veggies but I have been on a strict diet lately, eating only the unhealthiest things I can find.

Down the street from our apartment there is a little burger stand that sets up each evening and has some phenomenal burgers.

Cheap Eats 1
Ham, bacon, crushed potato chips, egg, onion, lettuce, tomato, 6 dressings and a trip to the emergency room. 

There are places to eat almost every ten feet, but these are some of my favorite in our area. If anyone is interested on getting on my diet plan, there is still room on my #beachedbody #teambeachedwhales. Feel free to send me a message to add a jean size immediately.

3 thoughts on “Cheap Eats in Minuto de Dios

  1. Pam lynch says:

    Haha I needed a good hearty laugh after a 12 hour shift. Now I’m hungry! You’re going to have to host a food festival when you return to spread the experience with your friends and family! Pan de yuca watch out!

    Liked by 1 person

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