Over the past few years I have published three children’s books, which can be purchased below. All of the stories follow the same characters and deal with themes such as environmental protection, volunteerism, and seeing more than ourselves in the mirror! These stories are for children ages 5-9.

The City of Paws2Care was written in conjunction with Dominique Dupras, CEO and Founder of the non-profit pet therapy company, Paws2Care Inc. Royalties from The City of Paws2Care all go towards events for children with special needs, cancer, and wounded warriors. The link below will take you to her site where you can learn more.

Our new poetry book is now available! Buy the book below.


The City of Paws2Care


The Story of the Snugglefink


The Return of Foggitytree


Fleeting Moments Poems and Songs

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